Expressing the soul of hospitality in a dish

We believe that food which helps maintain a healthy mind and body is deliciousness in its truest form.
However, in order to continually aim for greater heights, it is important to not be afraid of change and to continually try new things. In other words, creativity is important.
We want to continue to preserve the basics of food, while establishing new innovation unique to Kondo.
Creative Cuisine Kondo uses Kyoto vegetables, Kamakura vegetables, local fish, and other ingredients to create fusion dishes with roots in Kamakura cuisine
There is a Japanese idiom which translates as "proper diet and Chinese herbal medicine share the same principles" and as this idiom implies, both health and youth are the result of proper eating.
We hope to make as many people as possible happy and healthy with the food we provide.

We carefully select all ingredients and take no shortcuts

We use mainly Kyoto vegetables and Kamakura vegetables with fish from the Shonan area in our dishes.
As the "the body is made from food and food is made from the land" philosophy implies, it is important to respect the seasons of the region, and enjoy the delicious seasonal flavors.
Creative Cuisine Kondo also offers a selection of Japanese sake and other local products based on this philosophy.
The different ingredients produced by these regions all collaborate, and draw out the best flavors of other ingredients from the same region. It seems obvious, but we believe it is important to reexamine the basics, and provide food in the best possible conditions.