For Muslims

We accept reservations for Halal Kobe beef

We offer course meals using domestic Japanese halal beef, halal Kobe beef, and other top quality ingredients.
These meals are available only by reservation, so please contact us for more details.



At Sousaku waryori Kondo we aim to present the Muslim community with the opportunity to enjoy Japanese food within the guidelines of the Muslim tradition.


  • Other than the Muslim Menu of Seafood and Vegetables, we use foods that can correspond with Halal.
  • We use "Halal Meat (Halal Chicken)" for Muslim menu.
  • We do make other foods in the kitchen that are not in the Muslim menu.
  • The Muslim menu do not contain any pork, pork-related ingredients or alcohol.
  • We also serve alcoholic beverages and Non-Muslim menus at the restaurant.
    Please note that these beverages are stored in a separate area from food ingredients.
  • We use the tableware for non-Muslim menus as well.
  • Water and soft drinks have glasses for their own exclusive use.
  • Disposable spoons and forks are available upon request.

Menu items suitable for Muslim guests